Hala Ajeeb
Alaa Al-Harazi

About us :

Alaa al-harazi and Hala ajeeb, Saudi Arabian designers, they established their brand on June 2006. From an early age, Alaa Al-Harazi and Hala Ajeeb have exhibited a strong passion for all things related to fashion. Their love of fashion translated into beautiful creations that make every woman feel truly unique.
Alaa & hala brand is all about accentuating femininity, delicacy and grace in appreciation of the female form. They derive most of their inspiration from women themselves and their natural poise. Each piece in their collection is intended to show off its owner in an elegant light, while maintaining a sense of playfulness.
They offer a complete line of Evening gowns and fashionable clothes, unique abbays, accessories, exclusive line of customized high heels and recently they create new line of makeup and perfume. They carry one piece from each design to ensure uniqueness as best as possible. Creating unique items is most important to them to ensure ultimate exclusivity.
Their important goal, for every woman is to wear fashion that reflects her personality in unique style.

They are one of the well respected and trusted names in Jeddah.